About the Artist

Hi, I am Joan Goudreau - I grew up on the Alberta prairie, near Millet, Alberta. I have 3 children, many grandchildren and even great grandchildren! I started painting at 70 years of age after the continual nudging of my daughter. I received my instruction from Gene Prokop at Pro's Art Studio in Edmonton's west end.

My talent was a great surprise to me as I had never painted before or had any instruction - but right from my first painting, I was hooked.

I have travelled the world and I am always looking for that next idea to paint. My interests are varied from the human form, landscapes, still life or wherever inspiration takes me.

I have memories of my first painting class: classical music playing, the canvas, the brush & being in a world of my own.... this beautiful, creative space. Four hours passed quickly as an image took form before me. My critical eye developed, looking deep into the image to find what was missing, finding the life and the soul of the art. So many parts have to develop within the artist when you paint. The frustrating moments where I knew something was "off" but I couldn't find the ability in myself to create it. And then it comes as a great relief, like the sun finally breaking through a cloud. Creating art can be painful and joyful, but always worthwhile. Then there are days & weeks when I don't want to create anything. Maybe I will never paint again.....

Then the urge returns & we begin again, the canvas, the brush & me.....

Joan Goudreau

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